COVID-19: South Africa Exceed 20,000 Cases, 397 Deaths

APRIL 8, 2020. A man who gave permission to be photographed but wanted his name to remail private.Health workers wearing personal protective gear, perform mouth swabs for COVID-19, in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, South Africa. PHOTOGRAPH ALON SKUY
SA Health Health worker perform mouth swabs for CORONA VIRUS,

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize today said people afflicted with Corona Virus in South Africa rose past 20,000 cases with 397 deaths.

He reported that the country currently has 20,125 COVID-19 positive cases, and a total of 397 deaths nationwide in a statement released on Friday.

Africa’s most industrialized country has the most number of COVID 19 cases, with the Western Cape having 64%.

An earlier this week forecasted the number of cases could be over a million in the country and nothing less than 40,000 deaths when the situation reaches its peak in the country by November.

The president, Cyril Ramaphosa gave the approval for South Africa to ease restrictions later this month, after going into stringent levels of lockdown since March 27.

As at the time of this report, 10,104 people have recovered, which is about 50% of the total cases.

The administration is taking things slowly in relaxing of the lockdown and trying to reach a balance between curtaining the virus and saving the economy.

Even with the heavy presence of the military, the government has not had it easy in keeping it’s citizens at home, especially overcrowded provinces and areas where a lot of residents rely on daily pay for their likelihood.

With over half a million tests carried out already, South Africa has developed a fierce COVID-19 approach in testing and screening from years of experience fighting HIV and Tuberculosis.

Despite all the efforts, the government has been critique for placing a ban on liberties such as buying alcohol and cigarettes

On Friday, according to The World Health Organization (WHO), more than 100,000 cases, 3,100 deaths, have been recorded in African.

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Written by Oga Merrit


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